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Jollof Rice – Easy to Make At Home!!!

Want to impress your friends and family with African Cooking at home?  Ever wanted to cook Jollof Rice, but didn’t know where to start?  What about having Jollof Rice and West African Red Stew on the menu at your next dinner party?  Well, EkoFusion has made these popular West African Dishes accessible to everyone!  Cook at home and season to your unique taste.


Whether you

  1. are a student at uni missing the taste of home,

  2. are newly married,

  3. are a busy person

  4. are going on a self-catering holiday

  5. are a busy parent who needs to feed the family FAST,

  6. just don’t have the time to cook from scratch, or

  7. simply just don’t know how!

EKO FUSION has the solution!  Jollof Rice in 6 easy steps.

Check us out and follow us and join the Family today!


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