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The red stew base is fundamental to preparing and cooking stews and sauces across Africa, especially West Africa.  It is often used as a base from which other traditional dishes, including Nigerian stew & sauces, Jollof Rice and Egusi stew are made.  


There are many recipes for the red sauce/stew base. They essentially involve blending either manually or electronically fresh vegetables into a liquidised form and cooking the mixture while adding broth, cooking oil, spices of choice and, eventually, boiled meat or fresh fish of any variety.  The stew is then consumed with a dish of choice.


However, there are problems with traditional cooking methods:


Short Shelf Life of Fresh Vegetables: Poor infrastructure, including refrigeration and power, in most African countries results in the deterioration of fresh vegetables as these commodities naturally have short shelf lives.  

Lack of Adequate Storage and Distribution: Poor roads, power supply and distribution logistics dictate when fresh produce can reach the market.  Lack of access to staples such as tomatoes, peppers and onions for people living in many parts of Africa often leads to malnutrition and starvation.


As a result, many African countries are forced to import these commodities from outside the continent, equating to approximately over $2B flowing out of the continent.

Time Consuming Preparation and Cooking Process: Making stews from raw and fresh ingredients is time consuming. Some cooking skill is also required.


A lack of experience in preparing stews may dissuade people from doing so. Furthermore, the lengthy preparation time and the inconvenience involved may likewise dissuade people from preparing the stew base from scratch.  Boiling the blended sauce at length may also result in the degradation of some of the vitamins and nutrients in the base.  


There is a need for improved food formulations which alleviate the problems associated with traditional cooking methods.  Eko Fusion Limited, a registered company in the United Kingdom, has succeeded in solving some of these problems with an innovative product that will revolutionise the way many Africans prepare and cook basic stews and sauces.  


Eko Fusion has developed a base mix product (PATENT GRANTED by Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN) ) that is:

  1. Evergreen, irrespective of season.  It is reliable even when crops fail or it is a bad farming year for whatever reason.  

  2. Shelf stable at ambient conditions.  It does not contain preservatives, additives nor bulking agents.  In the Covid-19 era that we find ourselves, this is a product that can be bought in bulk and storage at home.

  3. Low on transportation, storage and distribution costs. It can be stored and shipped anywhere in the world and distributed with ease without the problems associated with fresh produce.  With the current imposed lockdown where the consumer is expected to stay at home for a prolong period, they can order this product online or by telephone and have it delivered.

  4. Easy for all to make.  It consistently generates an excellent quality and delicious taste while shortening the cooking process.

We believe that our Base Mixes will impact and improve many African lives, especially those who love to eat Nigerian food.

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