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EkoFusion is an innovative Food Company specialising in West African Food Base Mixes. Our Base Mix can be used to prepare a variety of Nigerian and African meals such as, Red stew, Jollof rice, Egusi stew, yam pottage, egg stew, Ata Didin to name a few.

Our MoiMoi/Akara Base Mix is prepared from freshly milled bean flour. This slightly seasoned base mix can be used to make a savoury bean pudding, which is naturally gluten free, protein-rich and high in fibre. Our bean flour is freshly milled and seasoned, so you know what you are getting!


Our Ayamase Basemix made with green peppers can be used to prepare a hot spicy, highly flavoursome and iconic Nigerian Stew.

We founded Ekofusion with one goal in mind: Quick, Simple, Smart Cooking! A fusion of home cooking with convenience. Just Add Water and Oil, then Season to Taste. That Simple! You are going to like our perfect little base mixes make delicious West African dishes at home without the hassle of prep time!
Check it out for yourself!

EkoFusion is located in The United Kingdom and Nigeria.

As a mother of three boys, I have always been concerned that my children had healthy, nutritious meals.  When my sons went off to university, I would spend the week before their departure cooking meals for them to freeze and take with them.  


You name it, jollof rice packs (jollof rice, chicken and mix veg), Chicken & Beef Stew, Designer Stew, Moin-Moin, Egusi.  I spent all weekend cooking.  

The journey to university was always long!.  So, I would pray and hope that the food I had spent all weekend preparing, cooking and portioning into take-away containers and then freezing hadn’t defrosted and spilt during the

journey back to uni.

What happens when their food supply runs out?  I remember one weekend that I went up to visit one of my sons at university.  Upon entering the kitchen, I saw the blender I had bought for him on the kitchen counter.  Well, needless to say, he had attempted to make West African Red Stew a.k.a Nigerian stew and it was obvious to me that he had given up half way through!  The mixture in the jug had separated.  Liquid at the bottom and the red mixture on top!  He hadn’t even washed and put the blender away.

It is true when they say, necessity is the mother of inventions!  So, this entire process got me thinking!  

  1. How could I ensure that my children got the taste of home without my spending all weekend in the kitchen?  

  2. Am I able to post these food items to them as their supply runs out?  

  3. Wow, what would be the cost of package and postage?

  4. How can I simplify the cooking process so that my sons have the knowledge at their finger-tips?

As a chemical engineering, I thought, how can I use some of my knowledge to

  1. produce an ambient product which is shelf stable?

  2. shorten the cooking time?

  3. empower the cook to produce the same quality and taste?

  4. ensure the cooking process is repeatable and fail proof?

  5. minimise transportation costs?

This was the birth of EkoFuson.  Quick, Simple Smart Cooking!

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