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Healthy Keto Substitutes for Nigerian Swallows – Yes, I Went There!!!

I love my Okele a.k.a swallow to most people!   But surely, I hear you say, man cannot eat swallow every day and NOT pile on the calories, resulting in an ever expanding waist line.  Well, think again, I say!

My okele of choice are made from every day vegetables!  Yes, that right, vegetables! From, aubergines, butternut squash, cabbage, mushrooms, Spinach, to courgette or zucchini!  Technically, okele can be made from any vegetable.  Once prepared, you just simply eat it the usual way, accompanied by okro, apon/ogbono and perhaps not forgetting the Red Tomato Stew.  You will amazed at the taste!

If you are already on this journey, hit us up!  Let us know what your favourite vegetable okele / swallow is.   If you simply want to know more, just get in touch.

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