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Mama's Little Kitchen Helper! 

EkoFusion is an innovative Food Company specialising in West African Food Base Mixes. 

We founded Ekofusion with one goal in mind: Quick, Simple, Smart Cooking! A fusion of home cooking with convenience. Just Add Water and Oil, then Season to Taste. That Simple! You are going to like our perfect little base mixes make delicious West African dishes at home without the hassle of prep time!

Check it out for yourself!

EkoFusion is located in The United Kingdom and Nigeria.

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The red stew base is fundamental to preparing and cooking stews and sauces across Africa, especially West Africa.  It is often used as a base from which other traditional dishes, including Nigerian stew & sauces, Jollof Rice and Egusi stew are made


Irrespective of season

Shelf stable at ambient conditions

It does not contain preservatives, additives nor bulking agents.

Easy for all to make

It consistently generates an excellent quality and delicious taste while shortening the cooking process.

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“Simply delicious!  Soooo easy to make in my slow cooker!!  EkoFusion Red Stew Basemix all the way for me now⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

— Bunmi

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We believe that our Base Mixes will impact and improve many African lives, especially those who love to eat Nigerian food.

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